Premium HA Filling Powder

2g x 5

Krx Premium HA Filling Powder acts as a topical filler in ultra absorbable, powder to water form.

The nano particles of hyaluronic penetrates the skin, targeting the problematic areas of the face and watch how fast skin absorbs it showing almost immediate results.

It acts by filling the lines and wrinkles and sunken areas without needing any needles.

Just sprinkle the powder into areas like forehead, smile lines, bunny lines, crow's feet and even undereye, Massage the powder, or even use nano or microneedles, and see the instant difference, instant plumped, hydrated, glowing skin.

It can be applied during a microneedling or even bb glow treatment, just apply the powder before the serums, and that's it!

This treatment can be used every week, until needed.

Formulated with 3 molecular size  of Hyaluronic acid to treat different skin layer, to boost and intensify every procedure done, and even acts as a non injectable filler to wrinkles and sunken undereye.

High Molecular weight- forms an outer layer of moisturazation as it stays on the top most layer of the skin.

Middle Molecular Weight -  This goes deeper to support a longer lasting hydration.

Low Molecular Weight - This goes the deepest and ensure water is stored in the skin tissues resulting to plumpier, firmier, glowing and healthy skin.



Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium acetylated hyaluronate.