About Us

   KRX Aesthetics caters to aesthetic field, professional salon, and clinical products. 

      Established to the professional industry since 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia created by Dermhub Laboratories, a Singapore company.


Our vision is to create a platform where all professionals can learn, get and sell products.

We want to build a team of beautiful individuals that is passionate and knowledgeable in the beauty industry.


KRX works with the best Medical Skin Professionals to be able to formulate safe and effective products.

Our products are manufactured in a KFDA, CGMP and ISO Certified facility.


We have registered our products through CPNP and National Pharmaceutical Department of Malaysia, and some of products being VEGAN Certified.

We promise to use, the safest, the most natural and the most potent ingredients, in each of our products.


Korean skin care is known for its potent, natural way of beautifying the skin.

However KRX Aesthetics still believe that some ingredients should be used to create a better way of treatments in salons and at home. KRX Aesthetics developed products by combining both amazing technique from Asian and Western way to provide the best of both worlds. 

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